Luxury Pedicure                                                                                £ 35.00

  • Feet are soaked and scrubbed and hard skin removed. Nails are cut and filed and cuticles removed, this also includes a foot and leg massage, a mask with heated booties. Polish applied.                             

Manicure                                                                                   £ 23.00

  • Nails are shaped, cuticles removed and includes hand massage. Polish applied.                             

Luxury Gel Manicure                                                                   £ 30.00

  • Nails are shaped, cuticles removed and a gel polish is applied                                   

Gel Manicure                                                                                       £ 25.00

  • Nails are shaped, cuticles removed and a gel polish is applied.                             

Nail Art                                                                        from  £ 5.00


Pedicure                                                                                                     £30.00

  • Feet are soaked and scrubbed and hard skin removed. Nails are cut and filed and cuticles removed, this also includes a foot massage. Polish applied.                             

File & Polish                                                                         £ 17.50

  • Nails are shaped and a polish is applied to either hand or feet.                             

Luxury Manicure                                                              £ 28.50

  • Nails are shaped, cuticles removed and includes hand and arm massage, a mask with heated mitts.  Polish applied.                             

Packages: Create a spa day of your choice to cater for your individual needs. Please ring or call in for a quote.

Spa Parties: For up to 8 people, Birthdays, Hens/Bridals, Teens. Please ring or call in for a quote.

 Stephanie Day Spa

Spray Tan

  • Using he-shi Rapid Tan                £30.00
  • Two applications                            £45.00

2nd application must be within 14 days of 1st

This spray tan can create your desired sun kissed look and just ONE HOUR after being applied can be washed off, if you wish.                            


  • Half leg                                          £16.50
  • Three quarter leg                        £19.50
  • Full leg                                          £23.50
  • Bikini (short back and sides) £14.00
  • Hollywood (strip)                   £17.00
  • Brazilian (all off)                    £22.00
  • Underarm                                   £10.00
  • Forearm                                     £12.00
  • Eyebrow                            £8.50
  • Lip                                         £7.50
  • Chin                                    £7.50
  • Lip and Chin                   £12.50


  • High Definition Brows                  £20.00
  • Brow wax and tint                          £15.50
  • Eyelash tint                                      £13.00
  • Brow tint                                             £7.50
  • Eyelash and Brow tint                   £17.00
  • Eyelash lift and tint                       £35.50   

Please note:- 48 hour patch test is required before any tinting treatment

  • Eyelash extension - individual lashes are applied creating a natural look.      £52.00
  • Eyelash extension infills (30 mins)    £22.00
  • Eyelash extension infills (40 mins)       £35.00                            



  • Back neck and shoulder massage                                        £35.00
  • Full Body massage                                                                  £50.00

Deep relaxing massage, easing away tension and stress leaving you with a deep sense of peace and tranquility. Your mind will be quietened, your body relaxed and your soul lifted. Relax and soothe.

Hot stone massage

  • Full body massage                                                                              £60.00
  • Back neck and shoulder massage                                                       £45.00

A hot stone massage using soothing oils, warm basalt volcanic smooth stones to relax your muscles, allowing for a deeper and more intense massage. The direct heat from the stones relaxes your muscles quite quickly, which means thet the massage itself is more effective and intense then it would be otherwise, also creating a truly luxurious treatment.

  • Reflexology including foot soak                                           £45.00
  • Indian Head massage                                                                £35.00
  • Body Buff                                                                                   £37.00

The body is dry brushed before a luxurious body lotion is massaged into your skin.


THALGO - La Beauty Marine

Experts in marine skin care and spa therapies since 1964. THALGO draws on the riches of the ocean to develop exceptional professional beauty treatments and skincare products.

  • HYDRA MARINE   -   £42   1hr

With the combination of Marine Extracts and a setting Marine mask, this professional treatment corrects the hydration levels of dehydrated/unbalanced skin. Leaving your skin soft and silky improving the texture as well as leaving the skin feeling radiant.

  • COCOONING MARINE   -   £42   1hr

A true haven of peace for sensitive skins, this treatment combines soothing milk with a refreshing, ultra-gentle clay mask. The skin's comfort is restored, its complexion fresh and radiant. Your skin feels firmer, and is protected against further external aggressions.

  • *SILICIUM SUPER LIFT   -   £63   1hr 15 mins

This treatment firms your skin, and gives it more elasticity, whilst also filling deep wrinkles. Your complexion is left ultra-raqdiant, your skin appears lifted and your wrinkles less marked.  (*Thalgo's Silicium Super Lift Facial is the ultimate in anti-aging; wrinkles are erased with an application of Resurfacing Cream which is a very intense exfoliator, combined with an anti-aging lifting massage that lifts facial features. A Collagen Hyaluronic mask is then applied to the forehead and eye area to plump and fill, followed by a warming Cryo-Scuplting mask for the neck and chin area, lifting and reshaping.)

  • POLYNESIA spa ritual   -   £68   1hr 30 mins

This luxury body treatment has taken inspiration from the Polnesian beauty routines to create the perfect escape. Based on age old traditions the whole body is exfoliated before using Polynesian massage techniques that have been passed on through generations, accompanied by warm sand pouches.

  • DISCOVERY MARINE  -  £35   30 mins

The perfect express facial or introduction to the Thalgo range. After a relaxing cleansing ritual the skin is exfoliated with a cell boosting exfoliant. Followed by a skin specific mask. To complete this skin ritual, a Thalgo moisturiser and eye cream that best suits your skin type is applied.